Leaked chats expose Madam Boss and Prophet Java as they share nudes on whatsApp :Fake News alert

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 A leaked WhatsApp chat believed to be between popularcomedian Tyra “Madam Boss” Chikocho and controversial Prophet Passion Java is suggesting that the duo is having a sexual relationship.

 The chat in position of this publication shows a conversation ofthe controversial man of cloth, asking for nude videos and a sextape from the comedienne.

 In the dialogue, Java appears to be demanding sex videosfrom Madam Boss who was waiting for Mhofu (Her husband)to leave her space so that she could send them to him.

 The supposed chat shows that Madam Boss had previously sent the man of the cloth a video of herself masturbating  but was complaining that he did not return the favor by sending her a video of him (Passion Java) “cuming”.

 Recently this publication carried a story in which Madam Boss acknowledged that she had been bought a fancy car by Passion Java last year but however denied allegations that she was having an extra marital affair with the Prophet.

 Efforts to get hold of Madam Boss were unfruitful as her phone went unanswered.

 Earlier on, Madam Boss rubbished everyone who wasspeculating that she was having sexual affair with the man of God in order to get favors such as the car in question calling them “misinformed” and saying that she didn’t care.  

 ”I don’t have anything against Prophet Passion and just because he is not liked by many doesn’t make me to deny gifts coming from him,” she said.

 The WhatsApp chat has since caused a stir on social media networks with a lot of people raising concern over loose morals that are being exhibited by so called man of God nowadays.

It however remains to be seen whether or not the whtsApp chat is authentic as there has been cases of blackmailing and cyber bullying of prominent people in the country lately.

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  1. So do you think passion java can speak such broken english here? The one who faked this news uri stupid. Nhema dzako dzakadhakwa enda unodzidziswa ne mface we Zim eye atori better panhema dzake.

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