Informal traders join fight against GBV

By Sukuoluhle Ndlovu

Masvingo – The Zimbabwe Chamber of Informal Economy Association (ZCIEA) has called for zero tolerance against Gender Based Violence (GBV) in the sector as they join the 16 days of activism.

A large number of citizens are earning a living through the informal sector. ZCIEA’s mandate is to alleviate poverty through transformation of informal economy into the mainstream formal activities.

The informal traders associations is spreading GBV awareness.

“We are representing those in the informal sector and stand against GBV, harassments of informal workers, criminalization and looting of goods by local authorities. Informal workers are human beings as well and also have rights. Respect their working rights and stop harassing them in all respective local authorities. Let us join hands and fight against GBV in the informal sector.

“To reduce GBV cases in the country government should hardly punish those who violates and causes GBV and also government should provide grants to the needy as most of the GBV cases they are caused by poverty. I am encouraging those who are scared to come together and fight for our rights. An injury to one is an injury to all and united we stand and divided we fall,” said ZCIEA Masvingo Vice Secretary, Davidzo Muhwandavaka. 

Muhwandavaka encouraged GBV victims to share their stories as a way of creating awareness.

One informal trader, Blessing Mutambara said, “it is a good thing to know there is an organization which is standing in for us in the fight against GBV as we women in the informal sector we are facing a lot of challenges yet we are facing a lot of challenges economically and trying to make ends meet. The informal sector should be treated like any other sectors that uplift the economy and our rights should be observed and appreciated”.