Sister in Charge assault charges dropped

By Sukuoluhle Ndlovu

Bikita – A Sister In Charge at Bikita Rural Hospital who was facing charges of assault was acquitted after her charges were dropped due to lack of evidence to prove she had committed the crime. 

The accused Sencia Matimba appeared before Magistrate Bishard Chineka at the Masvingo Provincial Magistrates Court last week. The complainant Edna Muzondiona who is employed at Bikita Rural District Council. 

Representing the State, Nixon  Chamisa told the court that on the 21st of May 2019 while in the duty room, Sister Caroline Vonai Masias complained that there was no fair distributions of duty which commences at 13.00 hours and end at 20.00 hours as well as weekend cover duties.

She mentioned that nurses who were commuting from Nyika to Bikita Rural District hospital were receiving favors from the accused.

After the accused, Matimba heard the grievances being expressed over the distribution of duty. She scheduled for a meeting to be held the following day.

On the 22nd of May 2019, all qualified nurses were invited for the meeting in the Sister In Charges office. While in the meeting Matimba instructed Sister Masias to express her grievances and she mentioned that there was no fair distribution as she had said the previous day.

She further stated that the staff commuting from Nyika was doing whatever they want because they were paying Matimba $20.00 as transport fee and she said that one of the nurses commuting from Nyika has said so.

Matimba acquired the name of the nurse who said they were paying money to her for them to be transported by her vehicle and Masias remained silent and Matimba rose from the chair and pointed Edna Muzondiona accusing her of saying so since she had quit commuting from work using the accused’s vehicle.

She charged towards Muzondiona who was standing at the corner behind the door, got hold of her neck and hit her head against the wall twice while scolding her. She was then restrained from further assaulting the complainant by other nurses and later moved out of the office. 

Case was reported at Nyika police and the complainant was referred to Silveria Mission hospital for treatment.